Have you been a victim of crime in South Africa? Then please let all of us know so that we will know exactly what is happening around us and in our neighbourhoods. We must all stand together and keep an eye out for one another! If something valuable to you is stolen, upload a picture of the item and let us know what it was and what it looked like. Report your incident here for FREE by telling us your story!


There are a lot of cases reported on here about FRAUD/SCAMS, please do note a lot of the people who leave comments on reports are fraudsters themselves. Please NEVER trust getting a loan from someone unless it is registered company where you can go sign papers first before applying for the loan. If you cant go see a human in person you know it is a SCAM! Also do know, scammers normally do make use of free email account like gmail, yahoo, outlook and live. Most of them would not be able to provide you with a physical address or company website address.