Tamboti flats Nigerian syndicate

This crime is shameful, embarrassing and one can actually BLAME themselves for it but it is still a CRIME nonetheless

I stupidly found myself in a sexual conversation with some Nigerian guys. We incidentally started to chat about sex after I gave a stranded prostitute a lift to the Tamboti area in PTA. Needless to say, these guys seemed friendly and decent and we hung out a bit-having a conversation whereby they invited me to their flat for some drinks and basically just hanging out further.

After entering the flat-Seven other guys entered screaming and shouting accusing me of being an adulterer/gay/sex addict etc Bewildered I pleaded that I don't want SEX at all, I was just having a conversation. To cut a long story short: they took my bank cards-held me hostage in their flat. Withdrew about R4100 in my bank account...deleted all notification sms...I blocked the cards but the money is gone-and it's too much

I feel a police raid has to be arranged for those Tamboti flats in Sunnyside, East Wing REGULARLY. Verify foreign nationals identity and deport illegal immigrants straightaway. I sense there are many girls held hostage there and vulnerable citizens are being violated every weekend. I have spoken to police in Sunnyside and they confirmed they are aware of this but the culprits have some intelligence, and contacts in the police force to evade some of their efforts.
What I ask is some noise to be made that all citizens must be aware of this Nigerian accent(foreign nationals) syndicate on SEX work. Since this is usually done in secret, I learnt that is their biggest leverage over their victims. I heard they often strip one naked and threaten to send the pic to their partner with some threats or so.
Although cheating, unfaithfulness is unacceptable-it gives them NO RIGHT to violate and abuse people who entertain their adverts
I feel lucky that I was able to escape-should they have decided to keep me hostage-I feel there would be nothing I could do. Wasn't even required to sign in at the gate-so no one would know that I am actually there. It all seemed innocent and I felt so stupid/ashamed afterwards-never thought I would find myself in that situation but I now feel so motivated to fight this with every form of power I have as a citizen to protect my fellow SA's from this rubbish

Thank You...

Report ID: 9784
Crime Category: Prostitution
Province: Gauteng
Address: Sunnyside, Pretoria
Crime Date/Time: 22 Aug 2015, 15:08 PM
Reported By: T-Man
Reported Date: 1 Sep 2015, 16:09 PM
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