Shiraz Bhamjee and his Junkie sons

Police should be checking out this address at Primrose where Shiraz Bhamjee and his junkie sons spend their holidays .The junkies,Suhail Bhamjee and Safwaan Bhamjee use this place as a hideout,due to being in a secure complex.Numerous reports to crime stop and local police have remain unattended,Drugs are sourced from the Wits University area and channelled into this secure complex,Waters Edge Estate.It must be noted that the drug abuse has been aggravated by Shiraz Bhamjees polygamous marriage to Cherese Langenhoven,as a second wife and the fact that she is younger than Shiraz's youngest daughter from his first wife.These kids are venting their frustrations by drug abuse.According to Suhail Bhamjee they are above the law,due to their wealthy status,and it appears possible as the police have failed to attend to valid complaints.These Bhamjees have also involved themselves in organised crime recently,by appointing a hitman to make death threats to my family and I,to avoid paying professional fees amounting to almost one million ZAR.This hitman of theirs have bribed police and court officials in his efforts of scaring me off,but has failed miserably,now they have to be exposed.A separate crime report is being prepared exposing the "hitman" from Observatory in Johannesburg,to give visitors to this website a heads up.

Report ID: 6960
Crime Category: Illegal Possessions
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Primrose
Address: 72 A Rietfontein Road, Primrose
Crime Date/Time: 25 Jan 2014, 00:01 AM
Reported By: Username7017
Reported Date: 16 Sep 2014, 08:09 AM
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  • Username6893 17 Sep 2014, 07:51 AM

    For the record,the pic above shows Safwaan Bhamjee holding a "black widow" marijuana head. It must be noted that Safwaan Bhamjee was a student of Mufti Boda of De deur,Gauteng. According to Safwaan,this mufti is the best mufti in the country,and it was this mufti that granted his father permission to marry this second wife who is younger than the mans daughter.Wow !!!!What kind of a mufti allows a man to destroy his family. This resulted in the first wife contemplating suicide. Cherese Langenhoven has now changed her name to Thaakirah Bhamjee. As for these Bhamjees "hitman" he has been bragging about how he manipulated the court officials at the Dundee Magistrate Court. Complaints have been lodged to the National Prosecuting Authority and Dept. of Justice. The name of the magistrate that he bribed is known and shall be exposed soon,as soon as feedback is received from the relevant departments.It is disgusting for public servants to be manipulated and bribed and the culprits need to be exposed.God willing.

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