Renault Driver Vandalizes Mercedes

I was driving to work along the N1 from Joburg to Pretoria West. There was an accident that was causing heavy delays on N1/R21 interchange. After passing the Incident, there was not much traffic ahead, however there was a Blue Renault Registration number PWN 926GP driving on the fast lane very slow. I flicked my lights to ask him to try and move to the other lanes or pick up speed, but the driver raised the middle finger to me. I ignored that and when the buckie driver who was on the other lane realised the situation, he moved further to the outter lane giving me room to move into the second lane and when i got the chance i Overtook the Renault and cleared him with a good +- 25m. for over 1.5 km i drove in front of this car when he all of a sudden moved to the second lane without warning causing the cars behind to collide but he did not stop for that, he squeezed his car between mine (Mercedes ML black in the fast lane) and another white van in the second lane and in the process hit me on the front Left bumber (passenger side), then he pulled a sudden brake and i also braked hard and came to a stop few inches before hitting his car. As I was looking to press the hazard lights, the Reault driver was already by my window and started bashing it with his fists, when the window did not break, he rushed back to his car and picked a hammer from the front seat and rushed back and started smashing the window and then the windscreen of my Car. After smashing the windows, he just got into his car and drove off. I lodged a case with the Brooklyn police.

Report ID: 6725
Crime Category: Vandalism
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Lynwood / Brooklyn
Address: Atterbury Offramp from N1 North
Crime Date/Time: 24 Jul 2014, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username6725
Reported Date: 30 Jul 2014, 09:07 AM
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