Waheed Khan Racial Abuse Violent Threats - Cape Town

Waheed Khan, of Cape Town South Africa born 25/12/66 has been violently threatening a female with racism and threats of physical abuse and violence. This includes the threat of "pouring petrol on her and setting her on fire" with no fear of going to jail or any consequences.

These threats have been recorded and you can listen to them by copying and pasting the links below into your browser, which will give you a downloadable sound file. Anybody who knows him will immediately recognize his voice. He was called into a police station for interview over this.

Waheed Khan was previously reported as a fraudster and scammer on this website and is the subject of investigations by at least 2 independent investigation companies in south africa, for different crimes in different cities.

His rants and raves are typical of him in situations where his fraud has been discovered. This is his reaction when people ask for their money back- they are typically threatened with anger, violence and racial abuse.

Beware if you have dealings with this man, he is not a pleasant character if you catch him out trying to scam you. He is known to take your money and then threaten you with violence if you ask for your money back, he believes that he has " connections" which put him above the law.

Click on the links below/or copy and paste into your browser to listen to the sound files of his threatening behavior:

Warning these recordings are disturbing :


Please let me know if you have experienced any similar threats of violence against yourself so we can all be safe from this man.

Please report any info to IRS investigations as they are already looking into this character.

Report ID: 27790
Crime Category: Racism
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Address: Cape Town
Crime Date/Time: 28 May 2017, 15:05 PM
Reported By: botmain
Reported Date: 13 Apr 2018, 16:04 PM
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  • Angel119558 9 May 2018, 12:37 PM

    waheed khan further details can be found on this website : https://crimefighters8.wixsite.com/waheed-khan-safrica

  • Angel119558 1 May 2018, 03:00 AM

    Linking to a further identity theft crime : https://reportacrime.co.za/CrimeReport.aspx?ID=27838

  • Angel119558 25 Apr 2018, 08:08 PM

    Waheed Khan,of Cape Town,South Africa death threats' started when he realised his scam was going to be exposed. Nobody would have expected that he would use such high profile people to impersonate and commit fraud in their name.

    from the post we saw that an investigation company IRS Forensic Investigations is busy investigating Mr Khan for an alleged fraud perpetrated allegedly by him in Port Elizabeth.

    They are in the process of consolidating cases against him and would appreciate any further information including case numbers. IRS can be contacted on 0861911477 or 0114861037 / 0114860720 / 0114860731

  • botmain 24 Apr 2018, 06:22 PM

    Just to add he also uses Cell: 0747104074

  • botmain 24 Apr 2018, 01:27 PM

    Waheed Khan is also using number 0820432485. Some of his numbers are now off and he wont answer them.

  • Angel119558 14 Apr 2018, 03:42 PM

    It seems there is no limited to the levels this Waheed Khan will go to , from Scamming people to threatening them with violence and racist comments. I had a listen to the recordings you shared and i think that you were right to go to the police with it. If any lady had to listen to threats of being set on fire , i feel they are surely entitled to make a criminal case against people like Mr Khan and let all of society know what his personality is about. Thanks for sharing your experience, it is important that South Africa knows about this sort of behavior. It should not be allowed to continue.

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