Loanspaza fraudulent rent-to-own vehicle scam

I am looking for a rent-to-own car and found a company called Loan Spaza online (

The company had me fill in a lot of paperwork and contacted me via e-mail and WatsApp through a person called Andrew Dlamini (078-480-9261) and everything was approved for me to get a car through their Rent-to-own program. All I had to do was pay the R700-00
(Refundable) admin fee and then I would be contacted by a consultant to finalize everything.

I paid the money and waited. Then I called them and Andrew gave me a number for the consultant (Mr James Zulu 084-241-3581). I eventually got through to Mr Zulu and was told by him that I would have to come to Boksburg to have a look at cars and that the minimum amount I would have to put down would be R25000-00, even though throughout the whole process the maximum amount was said to be R10000-00. I was also given a website ( which was apparently oudated.

The contract which I signed with them allowed me to ask for my deposit back within one week of paying it and they would pay it back within three working days, however when I asked for my payment back on 08 November I received the following message from Mr Dlamini over WatsApp:
"Hi. I spoke to the head of Vehicle rent to own dep. And we have decided to reimburse your application fee within 15 days."

16 days later, on 24 Nov 2017, I sent Mr Dlamini a Watsapp stating that I have still not been refunded. His reply:
"Good day. Let me confirm with relevant department."

Then I didn't hear from him again until 29 Nov 207 when I threatened to open a case of fraud against Loan Spaza. I was then sent the following message:
"No need to. payments are done on friday. We are a legitimate company wich pays its tax and have been trading since 2009. Just having a massive backlog on the system and we not in business to steal R700 as you say"

On Friday, 02 December 2017, no payment was made to me.

It is now Monday, 04 December 2017, and I am just waiting for their next excuse.

Report ID: 23318
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: 423 Joe Slovo Street, Murchies Building,Durban, KwaZulu
Crime Date/Time: 1 Dec 2017, 10:12 AM
Reported By: SJF83
Reported Date: 4 Dec 2017, 11:12 AM
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