Scam phone call claims domestic was run over

Earlier the morning of 27/11/2017 we received a phone call from someone that was supposedly UIF claiming to find out information about our Domestic worker (Dora)*. Dora then told my mom that the man asked her to not tell her about what he was investigating.

Then that evening 2 hours after Dora had gone home we received a phone call of a man who called himself Joseph and claimed to be Doras uncle. He said she was ridden over and didn't make it to the hospital. Then he abruptly hung up. He then called back asking for airtime to be sent to his number to make phone calls. He then again hung up. Upon sending airtime he phoned again and a lady said thank you for the airtime and handed him tje phone, he then said we should send him instant money with standard bank so he could do funerals arrangements and that when their funeral plan payed out they would pay us back. This is when things started to not make sense. My little sister Google the number and we realised it was a scam number as someone had previously been scammed in the exact same way.

I feel it is our responsibility to report such a nasty scam as it was really rather cruel to fake someone death and if it weren't for others reporting the crime we wouldn't have know until it was to late..

There are three people involved. A supposed uncle, Joseph(main scammer). The "aunt". And a fake "husband/brother". There could be more involved in the scam, I tried to talk to as many "relatives" to try establish the number and degree of professionalism of the scammers.

The number to avoid is 0832043659.

Please stay smart. Never give money to someone you haven't met or don't trust yet. Always confirm deaths from official sources. And report crimes so others can avoid the heart ache.

God bless

*Dora is not her real name.

Report ID: 22300
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Pretoria
Address: 11 Wilkinson street
Crime Date/Time: 27 Nov 2017, 09:11 AM
Reported By: Superwoman
Reported Date: 28 Nov 2017, 09:11 AM
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