Scammed on carfind

I bought a toyota yaris 2013 car on carfind via the web site and they put me in touch with Mcarthur Motors Krugersdorp. I payed R71 000 cash for it and they never showed up with my car. I emailed carfind about my problem and they said theyll look into it. After 3 weeks i send alot of emails and get no reply from them even my posts on their facebook page gets spamed everytime and the lady who called me said they were trying to trap these people but did not succeed yet and their sorry it happened to me but they were aware of these scammers but yet they had them on their site and did was i the client a victim of their neglegance. That place does not even exist but they advertise on their site and now i lost R71 000 and carfind ignores me flat aswell as the others who also got scamed for the lady said it was not just me but a few people. I wish i knew what to do for i dont have money for a laywer to sue them

Report ID: 22290
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Northern Cape
City/Town: Kuruman
Crime Date/Time: 3 Nov 2017, 22:11 PM
Reported By: Louwdoman
Reported Date: 22 Nov 2017, 22:11 PM
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  • Wins213 6 Dec 2017, 05:39 PM

    Hello...sorry for your the same boat but on property.Lawyers are also as bad,you will end up paying the lawyer so much money for nothing.Rather get a tracing compang to trace them if you have cellphone numbers(they can use rica to trace them)I paid a lawyer but he's not doing anything,I even got to the bottom of the crime all by myself and now all he says is open a case,that time he has the power to call them in,trap them then call the cops to come collect them bilut he ate my money already so he doesnt care.I hope you find them.

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