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Are still singing their praises? I'm one of the people who paid 25k. Still not operating. As I'm writing this i just left the gates of 5 Berry road. Yes their green gate. I was not allowed to enter their premises as if they don't have my money. I was told that I need to make an appointment. How does one an appointment while none of their lines goes unanswered. Their excuse. "Everyone is working in the factory". What kind of business is this? Does their administration stuff also work in the factory? The last communication via email was that training will commence in September. Then they send out a stupid sms about placing orders

Report ID: 19808
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Alberton
Suburb: Albertsdal
Address: 5 Berry road, Wadeville
Crime Date/Time: 9 Oct 2017, 13:10 PM
Reported By: Kamo2oo5
Reported Date: 9 Oct 2017, 13:10 PM
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  • Kamo2oo5 19 Mar 2018, 07:06 AM

    We must forget about this and accept we were defrauded. I went there yesterday. The sign went down. The building is owned by a new company. When I asked the guard as to if he might know what happened. He told me Philani was arrested for rape. Then I went to master Google. He was arrested for the Rape,abduction and Murder of Siam Lee (the hooked who was murdered and burnt in the sugarcane field). Unless if there is a way we can lodge a legal claim against him to get our money back.

  • Neels118141 21 Feb 2018, 03:27 PM

    Hi Guys I can only share my best wishes. Sales Solutions RSA Have a few legs of operations.
    1 x Asrielnews Group - Debt Collections
    2 x Fuel on National Grid - Gris Less 7ppm Fuel D7 cleanest you can get. We do offer very reasonable commission/ pricing on Depot Fuel and road fuels.
    Send me a message on 0836601076 or in bulk at enquiries.
    The best way will be to have alternatives in business and secondly to do collections.
    Regards Neels/CJ

  • lebo2116695 17 Jan 2018, 12:47 PM

    Guys m one of the victims here please let my number be added in a chat group...I thought dat its only me who is so concerned...0736246399

  • NRH123114400 13 Dec 2017, 12:15 PM

    Hi , Guys

    There was a comment by one who indicated that let us not jump in conclusion because rumors that are spreading are in correct can that person assured us that our investment to Better Fuels (pty) ltd is legit so that we can stop been frustrated about what is happening cos I've been sending e-mails to Jabu , Katlego and Patti and also make calls to Better Fuels offices even today (13 December 2017) but there is no response . If Jabu , Katlego and Patti can see these comments can they please come back to us.


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