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I registered on Tradekey B2B looking for suppliers of Clarified butter - Ghee. I was contacted by a Mr Mike Lee - not real name. They could supply me with my order within 3 days. I ask for their company's banking details to do the EFT. He informed me that their company bank account had issues which made me already suspicious - and I should use the financial manager's account. He however guaranteed me that the company was legit and send me all their company registration and SARS papers. I made a 60% depost into this account
Please use the following banking details to make the payment.
Account name: E. SKOSANA
Account Number: 62721902816
Branch Code: 250 655
I made the payment - he called the next day and said his boss wanted the full payment before they can start with my product. He than told me that the above account cannot be used as the financial manager is out of the country. He than send me this new account
Account name: NEO MONARE
Account Number: 62708298288
Branch Code: 250 655
I however did not use the second account and made the second payment into the first account. He - Mr Mike Lee than called me and was furious with me. It is than that I realised that I was scammed.
Please be warned.

Report ID: 19793
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Northern Cape
Address: 9 Hull Street, Kimberly
Crime Date/Time: 29 Sep 2017, 08:09 AM
Reported By: Parker109575
Reported Date: 4 Oct 2017, 08:10 AM
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  • Nono108967 12 Oct 2017, 02:50 PM

    hello Parker, I suspect you and I were scammed by the same people. I reported that crime here some time in August. How I wish there was something we can do to bring these thieves to book.

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