Car scam kidnapping

I Put my Opel Vivaro on gumtree/OLX for sale. I was contacted by a Namibian who only spoke Afrikaans and was interested in buying the vehicle for cash but was unable to come and view the car as he was transporting equipment via truck to Namibia. After numerous call over the period of about a week i agreed to meet him in Vanderbijl Park, Vereeneging on the Saturday morning. I drove through and met him at the KFC. After a brief chat and him showing me his Namibian passport ( Which i now know was obviously false), we proceeded to the police station. After arriving at the police station, i was told that we need to wait as an associate was bringing the money. A few moments later a Muslim chap dressed in a white gown, looking seedy with gold in his teeth arrived and knocked on the window. The 2 gentlemen had a brief chat and the Namibian told the Muslim guy to get in the back. The Muslim chap handed the Namibian a small black cooler bag which he zipped open to reveal packs of R100 notes, and claimed that there was R350 000 in the bag. After a brief chat the diamond story came up and they started discussing this. I got irritaed with this and told them that i was only there to sell my vehicle and that they were wasting my time. After a while the Namibian suggested that to put my mind at ease we would go to the bank first so that we could do the transaction and waste no more time which i agreed to. At this point i felt extremely uneasy and should have trusted my better judgement!.. Off to the bank and i was taken off the beaten track. After around 15 minutes i questioned the guy as to where we were going, because at this stage things were getting ridiculous! He pleaded with me that i do him a favor as he wanted to drop off some cash, which would only take 5 minutes, and we would go straight to the bank. This all happened so quickly, and before i knew it i was in a small location on the outskirts of Lenasia!.. . Long story short, i was held captive by 4 dirty cops who tried insinuating that i was part of a drug smuggling cartel, fleeced out of R20k from my bank account, and later let go... I was later given a contact number for the scorpions by another victim .. But hell, this is Africa, and after numerous calls... nothing!.. supposedly there is an ongoing investigation.. Yeah..

Report ID: 15080
Crime Category: Kidnapping
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Vanderbijlpark
Suburb: Vereeneging
Address: Vanderbijl Park Vereeneging
Crime Date/Time: 23 Jul 2016, 12:07 PM
Reported By: Mardybekker
Reported Date: 12 Aug 2016, 10:08 AM
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