Jan (Harm) Buitendag

Jan Harm Buitendag runs several pseudo business fronts, pretending to deliver products or services. He typically requests large percentage deposits to be paid for the total invoiced amounts, and promises speedy delivery.

He then typically fails to deliver on time, and keeps the customer in the loop by promising to have the job done 'next week'. After weeks or months of no delivery, he promises to pay back the deposit.

The same process of empty promises of payment is repeated, trying to prolong the process for as long as possible until the customer either gives up any hope of ever receiving back the money paid in deposit, or for Jan to move onto a new business and cut all links to the recently exhausted (frauded) business.

He runs a very well schemed and thought through scam, and being an ex-policeman, is very hard to trace. None of his various cellphone numbers are RICA'ed, making it impossible to trace.

Getting details on his various pseudo business fronts, simply run a search on Google for the following numbers to see existing complaints on websites like HelloPeter.

081 434 2266
061 430 4543 (His wife Sharon Buitendag (previously Janse van Rensburg) answers this number)
061 288 0300
081 424 9110
084 225 5527
074 974 4817

Report ID: 12440
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Krugersdorp
Address: 87 South Ridge Properties, Windsor Road, Krugersdorp
Crime Date/Time: 14 Nov 2015, 16:11 PM
Reported By: SonOfTheKing
Reported Date: 18 Feb 2016, 16:02 PM
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  • SonOfTheKing 11 Jan 2019, 10:49 AM

    Oh, and one more thing, it was FNB's fraud department that I contacted, and I explained the situation to them. They were very helpful.

  • SonOfTheKing 11 Jan 2019, 10:49 AM

    Hi Yolandi
    I simply phoned the bank from the bank account details he gave you. In my case it was FNB. I provided them with the police case number for the case I had opened, and the froze the account.

  • Yolandi13 3 Jan 2019, 11:12 PM

    SonoftheKing... could you pls contact me URGENTLY about the scammers Jan Harm / Buitendag and how you got the bank account frozen?
    Yolandi 0716037592

  • Rachael 12 Mar 2018, 11:23 AM

    Hyzter roofing (pty) ltd, ontdekkers road, roodepoort
    This company has the poorest service delivery every encountered.
    We received a quote from the owner (Jan Hyzter) on the 10 January 2018, a 50% deposit was required to start the job, this was immediately paid. Once the team arrived on my property a further 40% was required, thus far we have paid R27750 for a pergola and decking to be erected. They have perhaps done work for approximately R3000 on my property. Since the 16th of January 2018 these people have not been at my house, I have heard every excuse in the book from the owner, the admin staff and Marco Dangelo (the so called manager).
    We have approached an attorney that sent a Letter of Demand, unsuccessfully the staff refused to the sign or even acknowledge the letter, another cost on my side. I am calling every single day to confirm an appointment with Jan and I get told a million excuses.
    After 2 months of hunting, begging and pleading I am now convinced that we have been scammed, this is their plot…they obviously take 90% deposit, do 5% work and then disappear.
    I was booked for my installation today (Monday -12th of Jan 2018) as confirmed by Jan, they have not pitched again with several excuses. I highly recommend that this company NEVER be used for any work. They have created lots of stress in my life and makes us doubt other companies, they even make the GOOD GUYS be questioned.
    Please share so that you don’t fall prey to this SCAM!

  • soprono 21 Feb 2018, 11:50 AM

    Same has just happened to myself, we have paid a near 85% deposit before any single piece of work was done on our Pergola. Pergola structure is up. I have since then been fighting to get the installation finished. Brick work was needed, paining was needed, actual PVC sheeting still not up and structure is hellish uneven.

    They have moved to trading under the new name: http://www.hyzter.co.za/ or Hyzter roofing & maintenance - pty ltd

    I have dealt with the following numbers:
    065 929 4976 - Jan
    065 929 3465 - Sharon

    Sharon has the company website registered under the following details and has since removed their facebook page:

    Email: sharonjvr111@gmail.com
    Address: 350 Ontdekkers Ave, Florida Park, , Johannesburg, Gauteng, 1709, ZA

    The above address does however link to another company called Coating Worx

  • SonOfTheKing 7 Jul 2017, 09:27 AM

    Please email flatertjie@gmail.com. She has the database on Jan Harm.
    What banking details has he given you?
    I called FNB (he gave me his FNB details) and explained the case to them. They froze his bank account. He was then quite willing to pay back the deposit. I was lucky, as I think this was his wife's current account. Don't know if he will make the same mistake again.

  • ice42 7 Jul 2017, 09:04 AM

    This scoundrel has taken me too. Where can I get his details to lay charges etc ?

  • Flatertjie 18 Oct 2016, 12:23 PM

    Please email me flatertjie@gmail.com SonOfTheKing. I would like to get your Case number and add it to my quest to have all the cases centralized.

  • Flatertjie 18 Oct 2016, 04:51 AM

    Good day SonOfTheKing, we have had the same experience with Jan Harm Buitendag and his wife Sharon Janse van Rensburg. These Fraudsters deal with ANYTHING - I have spoken with folks in Kimberley whom Jan sold cars to under JHB Finances. Currently they are doing business under "Africa Pergolas". Please get in touch with me since I have many other Fraud Cases that have been opened in the last year and we are trying to get all these cases centralized so that we can put these people behind bars. In fact Sharon's father and brother are also part of the scam business - a rotten family. Regards, Flatertjie

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