Tanzanite Scam

Three guys two black (one by the name Amos Phiri) and one white scammed us of R22 000 rand  by pretending to be traders of Tanzanite stones. They asked us to help them with construction projects which they were going to award to our company. Their other business involved export of goods wherein the other guy asked us to assist him as his business partner in South africa. We went to see the Jewish guy who verified that the stones were legit and that he is willing to pay R780 000. the seller was eager to let the stones go for R500 000 and our "partner" asked us to help him as this deal is important to him. We gave him the R22 000 and we went with him to the Jewellers who were supposed to give him the money and thats when he dissapeared with my fone as well (which he requested to make a quick call).     The company name they used at Beit Bridge for Customs is Bozoma, the name appearing on the D500 is Amos Phiri.

Report ID: 1033
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Kempton Park
Suburb: Isando
Address: Holiday Inn Garden Court Isando
Crime Date/Time: 20 Apr 2011, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username1033
Reported Date: 21 Apr 2011, 10:04 AM
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  • maison 14 Mar 2019, 08:42 AM

    Thomas, William and Luna are very much alive and kicking at Park Meadows centre. I met them yesterday on the pretext that they wanted to buy packaging material from me and they had got my number from my card I had left at a trade fair in Zambia. I met William and Luna whose knowledge of what they wanted to buy was limited and Thomas soon joined the table and the conversation turned to semi precious minerals. Having been made aware of these type of scams long time ago they soon realized I knew what they were doing and they made excuses to leave and promised to phone me today to conclude the deal, a call I will not get. So just warning everyone they are still around and active

  • Kcaden 5 Mar 2019, 08:52 PM

    Met these characters today was approached through my company for assistance in brokering a business transaction. Met with Sipho and his sister Luna. Both Zimbabwean. They asked me to help broker a deal between buyer and seller of leather goods / hides etc and comodities. I though this was a little shady but went along to see if it had merit. I must say I was fully convinced and the act is perfected. We met the supplier from Zambia - Thomas who brought pictures of his mine and samples of all the goods etc. Then he produced sapphires which I said I was not comfortable in assisting with and then the lady Luna said no problem she would take them to the buyer I would facilitate the other goods Hyde/bags etc. After our meeting with Thomas from Zambia in Sandton square we went to Bedfordview center (to a cafe) to meet the buyer Ashleigh Williams (I see the name crop in the thread below). Ashleigh was an old white man who came with a fancy laser pen and evaluated the sapphire to be worth R850k. Me being the negotiator (even thought I didn’t want to be) said great I will take the R850k cash (smelling a big profit) and take it to the buyer Thomas and take my cut along the way. This is when Mr Williams said fine but he was expecting 6 sapphire stones and I must go back to Thomas and get the rest. As we were driving back I smelled a rat and started asking questions to Sipho and the sister. The reason I was there was so that they were not to be involved in the deal between the buyer and seller and stay independent ...... but not sure why I was needed as they just met each party independently? why was I then needed? On return to Thomas who has just finished a tasty Nandos in Benmore gardens it’s soon dawned on me that this was a scam. The mood turned from one of gratitude when I met him in the morning to one of - where is my money? I told him that the buyer Mr Williams wanted 6 stones and not the two he had given to go and test. Thomas then said no he wanted a down payment of ZAR100k before he allowed me to take the 6 stones back to the buyer to close the deal for approx R2.8million cash of which I would get a 20% cut (happy days). On exiting the nandos I phoned a friend who is a jeweler and he confirmed my suspicion that this was a scam. Luckily I told Sipho and Luna that I was not willing to put down any cash but my friend the jewelers would and he would come and evaluate and arrange the cash on confirmation. This was not well received as they thought a professional was on route and would sniff them out. My friend luckily told me to get out of there which i promptly did. Unfortunately greed takes hold of you and as I mentioned above they are all extremely convincing. Luckily I didn’t loose any money except some of my time and diesel driving between Sandton and Bedfordview. Please be careful of these type of scams it is very convincing but as all people mentioned if it’s too good to be true it usually is. Happy to share details of telephone numbers of Thomas / Sipho / Luna if anyone wants to go and collect their money (which ever way you like) I am still not out of the deal and as far as they are aware I am still going to facilitate the deal but thankfully a simple google search confirmed my suspicion and hunch. Will keep you posted if they contact me again or if their are any further developments. Be safe !

  • Andre Putter 12 Feb 2019, 01:00 PM

    My email is aputter@lantic.net

  • Poekelooks 11 Feb 2019, 02:47 PM

    Andre Putter, how can we get hold of you?

  • Andre Putter 8 Feb 2019, 12:52 PM

    Please get in touch with me if you have actually lost money in this way. I know the suspects but need concrete evidence.

  • steve128410 7 Feb 2019, 05:12 PM

    Same story (Game farm and mining in Zambia) and probably the same George 073 138 4802. He probably got my number on Gumtree or junk mail. He had forgotten that he tried this scam on me before in 2017.

    Also had a guy at Makro car park telling me he had just dropped off his wife at the airport (flight to cape town) and she had taken his wallet with. Asking for money for petrol and I can keep his watch as security.

    The watch was worth about R50.00

  • Ferdie127137 20 Dec 2018, 10:29 AM

    Hi there. I have just been contacted by one of them wanting to see me in Durban. I have nearly been scammed before by them so not sure if this is the same lot. Who can I contact within the police about it?

  • Andre Putter 7 Nov 2018, 10:42 AM

    We caught two of these suspects yesterday in Douglasdale.

  • Investigator78 11 Oct 2018, 07:34 PM

    They are operating in Eastgate and Stone Ridge. We can get CCTV footage of them today and I have their latest contact numbers

  • Poekelooks 18 Jun 2018, 10:22 AM

    King121875 - this happened to me last week Thursday 14 June 2018. Can you contact me via email? I lost R300 000.

  • King121875 19 May 2018, 04:30 PM

    These guys are currently in Rose bank and I am in contact with them , i am probably the best chance we have if catching them but need a victim who can identify their faces .

  • Sophia121733 30 Apr 2018, 10:49 AM

    I was scammed Saturday by a guy called Lucky Moyo, trader from Zimbabwe, byung leather and Taffeite from a guy called Thomas. I was taken to Bedford centre to meet the Gematologist, "Jason Thomas" to evaluate the "stones". He offered R730 000.00 for it. Thomas wanted to sell it for R330 000.00. I had to pay surety of
    R24 000.00 to take the buyers.. Everybody disappeared with money. I still have the
    "stones " which i assume is glass. Cell number for Lucky Moyo is 083 871 3877. Cell number for Jason Thomas 079 102 9851. Email for Lucky - moyolucky1968@gmail.com

  • anomia 17 Apr 2018, 04:07 PM

    My Gratitude to this forum. I was contact to provide legal services by one Kenneth who then mentioned that he trades semi precious stones. Seemed fishy so i googled it and came upon this page. One the way back from our meeting with Kruger, i called a friend and asked him to "arrange" 6/7 guys to bring the cash and help with security, he climbed out the window of my car and went running down Northumberland road in Northgate. I was lucky enough to get photos of the guys and video recordings. I'm not really sure how to post them here but I'll leave them on the Report a Crime Facebook page. Thanks in part to this forum, I escaped with my money and my life.

  • Entrepreneur 20 Jun 2017, 11:41 PM

    These Guys are currently In Rosebank.I was scamed for R50000 in total. Mike Mkhize ( Buyer who limps, he lost a leg ), Kenneth(Zambian supplier) states he is family of Kenneth Kaunda and owns farms and mines .
    Mr Parker the Jew (client who claims he produces jewellery).

    Mike approached me claiming he is from Botswana and is looking for South African partner. He introduced me to Mr Parker in Bedforview.

    The rest is history similar to other stories. I have a lead on the accounts they sent, for me to deposit more money.
    These guys are so good. Kenneth called me last week to threaten me. I think I can still identify them.

  • AnitaB 1 Jun 2017, 10:52 AM

    They are busy in Sandton today. I just warned my husband to get out

  • AnitaB 1 Jun 2017, 10:52 AM

    They are busy in Sandton today. I just warned my husband to get out

  • bugsey102644 6 Dec 2016, 10:24 AM

    These Guys are currently in Port Elizabeth....Aliases Jeffrey, Mike Mkhize ( Buyers ), Adam (Zambian supplier) states he is family of Kenneth Kaunda and owns farms and mines, Mark Conlan Appraisor or jeweller (states he is acountant of John Kruger), John Kruger (client)...

    Note the similarities in names to the posts below. Fortunately thanks to this forum I got out before it is too late.


  • DSD79 1 Dec 2016, 02:34 AM

    The guys are back in Durban! Be warned

  • Report A Crime 12 Sep 2015, 09:15 AM

    This crime report was on Carte Blanch last Sunday night!!

    Check our facebook page for the video!


  • Candice 8 21 Jul 2015, 03:27 PM

    Hi All Please anyone who has any information especially if you have been scammed please contact us urgently!!! We are private investigators based in Durban investigating this case and are looking for any people who have been scammed by these fraudsters. Please call Sean Peirce on 0825106516 or email info@ctcsi.co.za for more info.

  • Frans Gonsalves 10 May 2015, 05:51 AM

    George Moyo (moyoisgeorge@gmail.com)078 557 3874, Abel and Sammy (Lady-Buyer)Nearly caught us with the Tanzanite scam in Potch. George contacted us about 4 weeks ago stating he has boss interested in buying farms & property. (Adam) He inherited lot of money and 2 x mines from his father who was the former financial minister in Zim. George then set up a Meeting in Potch on Thursday 7 May 15 at 10:00. After discussion with regards to the buying of the property Adam then discussed the Tanzanite part. To make a long story short -Luckily just before we were going to hand over R50 000.00 I received a warning from a voice telling me to google. I believe it was the spirit of God. I googled and found these articles. We then left the scene and headed back for home without meeting them again. George called 4 times and I just ignored him. Thank you for this site!!! AGAIN, IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE- IT IS

  • Dinesh 2 12 Mar 2015, 03:03 PM

    Same modus operandi as others.Promises of contracts in Zambia.Gemstones n leather goods offered for sale.Gemstones taken to jeweller in Davenport Centre for appraisel.Price quoted far exceeded what the seller wanted(greed takes over)Jeweller even was prepared to leave cash deposit to retain stones..Stones was returned to seller who then wanted collateral for them.I then smelt a scam and left saying i was going to arrange money.Guys these people are totally convincing.They got my business details off the internet.Called Organised crime in Durban.I was tokd it was a waste of time setting these guys up cis they were foreign nationals with false documentation who if they arrested woukd be rekeased the nxt day.The Captains exact words were no crime had been committed till the money changed hands.I suppose the Saps will wait for these guys to murder someone bfore they act.That is why foreign nationals are running riot in our country.My ph no is 0766275134.

  • greg13 11 Mar 2015, 10:02 AM

    Funny story,this guy just called me out of the blue to be a front for his corporate products,Sipho is Zimbabwean, his supplier is Kenyan and his client is a Mr Kruger in Bedfordview , met in Melrose Arch 30 min ago and he wanted to meet me tomorrow with this supplier and move the goods Sipho's number is 083 741 8321 , lucky I have the good sense to do a quick search on Google

  • Rutendo 22 Feb 2015, 12:24 AM

    Just got scammed of 85K by these guys today,it looks like a wide network because the management at Nandos outlet where we met these guys looked suspicious when we reported our incident, everyone was giggling when we asked for cctv footage. We were told to wait whilst someone was sent to buy cctv remote batteries, thereafter we were made to seat for about an hour then the manager sent a waitress to take our phone numbers and said the footage was failing to play black. Thats Mzansi fo sho. l cant trust anyone, even the people who posted their phone numbers on this thread pretending to be Captain so and so l tried their numbers and dubious people are answering the calls which means that even this website is an intelligent extension of this scam.

  • Richard2 19 Feb 2015, 07:18 PM

    This guys are still active to date! I don't how they got my number. Met 4 guys their name are Thulani Moyo, Amos, David (old white guy no bottom teeth and amputated right leg)and other named Nelson.073 130 5226/ 073 144 1247/ 071 067 7154. They stole my phone knocked me on the head. Be wary people.

  • Greg 16 Feb 2015, 09:20 PM

    16 Feb 2015! These guys is till active. I was approached, when I realized some thing fishy i went to the Bedfordview SAPS! No there is no interest in solving this matter and getting at least 5 of the 6 guys involved! This is hot Intel, but the SAPS showed no interest! no wonder they are still operating! Dumbfounding I give up!!!!!!

  • Ant2 13 Jan 2015, 03:18 PM

    They trying to contact me now Simon wants to meet and do a business deal how do we stop this? 0799310517

  • Adrian Bacher 17 Dec 2014, 09:39 PM

    I just got scammed by Simon,Kenneth and Ashley Williams of 50k today.I put a hit out on his squad.fucken cunts

  • Conrad9 15 Dec 2014, 01:19 PM

    These guys are currently active in Woodmead and Kyalami. Patrick uses same number, but there is also a "John Dube" with number 0837418321. Same story as the others, except John is trying to keep his Dad's (Who recently passed away)business alive, as he had suppliers and sellers,and the victim must be the representative in SA. I smelled a rat, so no damage done.

  • Christel 14 Nov 2014, 01:58 PM

    These guys are still operating. Amos cell 074 468 9580, Mike Modiri 078 675 4081, and Patrick kruger 083 311 1708. They tried the scam on me today, luckily I smelled a rat.

  • Thenjiwe 14 Nov 2014, 07:57 AM

    I got a call from a guy who calls himself Michael from Botswana. It is true that by the time they call you, they know about your business. I met him at Eastgate. He also spoke about a business involving stones from Zambia and that he needed a South African person to assist him as he is mostly in Botswana. He also gave me Patrick Kruger's cellphone number as 083 311 1708. The number he was calling from is 072 695 6010.

  • moe 27 Oct 2014, 06:35 AM

    These guys deserved to be locked up for years. If any of you guys are looking for proper legit tanzanites contact me

  • Nash3 22 Oct 2014, 07:24 PM

    Hi Guys! These criminals are still operating in durban and they seem to be targeting people that advertise on the internet. They tried the scam with me today. There are 2 black guys and a white guy. They had a construction proposal for a zambian company so i met a guy at Ushaka who then took me to meet the other black guy near mini town where they started talking about the stone,then proceeded to musgrave cntr where we met the white guy,by then i figure out something is wrong. They are using the names Brian,Nick & Phillip the cell numbers they are using are 0760296126,0790576158,0793495066

  • Irritated 22 Oct 2014, 05:11 PM

    Some guys are still operating in JHB going by the names of Simon from Botswana (Agent), Phillip (Seller) and Mr Mark Cohen (Buyer - white guy with hardly any bottom teeth and a black eye - which I hope hurts). Met the seller at Wimpy Killarney and the buyer at the Wimpy at the Glen. Then the seller again at Millpark Garden Court and 44 Stanley! I was very suspect so they didn't get much out of me but they knew all about my business, be careful out there trust no one!

  • Googlingsa 20 Oct 2014, 02:32 PM

    These guys came to my office today and I met up with the one who called himself Michael Moyo. He told me of similar story to that of the Ostrich and Construction opportunity whereby he wanted me meet with a certain Mr. Phillip Katongo who is the chairperson of Kuluwa Mining Cooperation. After the search about his name and the company names he mentioned, google did not pick up any of him. However google picked up Kruger Patrick.

  • Shane22 19 Oct 2014, 11:45 PM

    I was approached in Durban by a male named Steven (black guy supposedly from Botswana) and he wanted me to assist him in his precious stones deal. I met his seller and he gave us a sample which was the smallest of 5 uncut stones. Steven then took me to Musgrave to meet his buyer named Mrs Moola. She offered R240 000 after inspecting it. Steven and I went back to the seller and he wanted R90 000 but wouldnt release the stone without payment and said to discuss it and come back to him. Steven then asked me to raise as much money as I could from my business, friends, family and we will buy this stone and then sell it. I knew it was all a con so I told him I have to go pick up the money and left him. I ignored his calls thereafter and reported to the police.

  • Ngwani 15 Oct 2014, 07:19 AM

    These guyz are still in full operation they tried their luck with me over the weekend 11/10/2014, the restuarant we met at should have camera should anyone need their pictures. They are around Eastgate and create mall. I however think they may move to Durham as the one guy kept mentioning he had to go there.They are very good by the time they get to you they know almost everything about your business, they should take up acting!

  • Robert 3 14 Oct 2014, 04:14 AM

    We caught the one pig named Raymond today,Monday, at about 22h00 in Durban. Gave him a trashing first. Got a case against him and Katongo. Caught him at zSt George street. Contact me f you have been conned by these Tazanite stones scam. Ph me: Captain Rob 0842071575

  • Roberta 14 Oct 2014, 03:53 AM


  • Roberta 14 Oct 2014, 03:51 AM

    Please contact me, if you have been a victim of the tanzinite scam. robertakock.rk@gmail.com

  • Roberta 10 Oct 2014, 06:38 AM

    @ Mr J This is why the good citizens take the law into their own hands because there's too much corruption in this country... the prisoners have more rights than citizens.

  • Roberta 10 Oct 2014, 06:30 AM

    These guys are currently in Durban... we lost 80000. They go by the names Raymond, Isaac, Nick (Jewler who is Jewish) and Mr Kasongo... they will soon be caught..

  • J.Cole 4 Oct 2014, 11:51 PM

    These con artists operate from an eatery in Yeoville called koGumede (painted green with a thached roof) in Raleigh street . The owner of the bar / eatery is Albert Gumede a seasoned conman who has plied his "trade"all over the world. He has set up the legit business using proceeds from his ill gotten gains to launder all proceeds from his scams

  • Lumka 3 Oct 2014, 01:07 PM

    GREG do you know anyone who can assist ASAP.

  • moe 3 Sep 2014, 08:28 AM

    Does anyone have patrick.krugers details he scammed me with kenneth and a guy named albert with fake stones my number is 074 855 1075

  • justin17 24 Jul 2014, 02:29 PM

    24 July 2014 they tried with us too today they wanted to buy machinery from us. They in Durban now operating by ushaka area Raymond, Eric Dlamini and old man Kenneth from Zambia

  • Lisa23 10 Jul 2014, 01:42 PM

    These con artist are still in full modus operandi. My husband was approached for a building contract (at a hardware store) earlier this week and the next thing he was asked to get a stone valuated. And yes, they are so convincing. Big thank you for this forum.....

  • Stefan11 7 Jun 2014, 08:51 PM

    I was approached by these people yesterday and suppose to meet Ashley Williams (the buyer) at a hotel in Rosebank tomorrow at 3 pm. They told me its about ostrich and crocodile golf bags that they are importing and they need an agent in SA to do negotiations for them. But luckily I saw this thread on the internet when I wanted to read up on Mr Williams in preparation for my meeting for tomorrow!!! Thanx to everybody for writing here and saving me (most likely) a few rand in the process!! I have already spoke to two policestations but they keep asking me for a casenumber???!!!! Not sure what I must do - if i can be of assistance to cath this guy then sure, but so far the assistance offered by SAP are not helping me! I know this is short notice - but if somebody can phone me on 082 468 0642 it would help. Stefan

  • Hazel6 6 May 2014, 05:54 PM

    WOW I met a guy by the name Richard(black) and he introduced me to the "seller" who was Kenneth and the "buyer" who was Mr. Patrick Kruger. They made up a story about a woman named Mrs Watson who cannot be their trader anymore because she is sick with lung cancer and has migrated to Australia for better treatment and that I must pose as the buyer since I am based in South Africa and the so called Richard isn't based here. I really can't believe how naive i was, luckily i had no cash at my disposal to give to them. The buyer Mr. Patrick Kruger(a white guy) came with his inspector (also a white guy) who were very happy with the product and offered 35000.00 and Kenneth( a black guy) said that he was selling them for 140000.00 Oh my word...Wow you can never stop scammers, I was so convinced.....WOW WOW AND WOW!!!

  • Mr J 10 Apr 2014, 11:07 AM

    Do what you want,you will never be able to jail these guys.Me and my partner got taken for R 85 000 in DRB, tree months later we got the ring leader arrested after spotting him in salt rock.Our case number is no longer on the saps data base.The cherry on the top is i ran in to him again today at the exact spot we met the first time.Saps members are paid to make documents dissapear.

  • Lele4 2 Feb 2014, 10:15 PM

    The guys r in DBN, they tried to scam me and failed. Last Thursday on 30 January I was approached by a guy outside the china mall on point road. He introduced himself as Derrick Mudau from Venda. He is work with a gut by a name of Amos Banda, a guy who said he is Banda's brother - in - law and a coloured lady by the name of Shantel. She is the "evaluator and buyer"

  • Tumi9 27 Dec 2013, 01:55 AM

    On thursaday December 27th, I was scammed of R9000 and a Titan watch. They're currently operating in Polokwane under the false names of Mr Mumba. I was approached by a guy at Platinum Park Spar at around 11am who requested to use my bakkie to transport some merchandise( ipads, ipods, etc.) from a truck driver as those big 18 wheeler tricks are not allowed in the suburbs. I was offered to be compensated. I dismally fell into their trap. Numbers I got from 1 of guy's phone are as follows: (073) 0222671 and (079) 5779785

  • Clinton 13 Aug 2013, 03:40 PM

    they tried to get me on the construction invite and precious stones in kepton.

  • Greg16 22 Jul 2013, 02:15 PM

    Rolland have you met with him yet or are you still going to ?

  • Greg16 22 Jul 2013, 02:14 PM

    Hi guys they are still very active and operating pls if anyone gets contacted about the deals please contact me lets role play and set up some arrests it's about time now. post contact details on the group ill be checking every day spread the word

  • Username4105 18 Jul 2013, 12:31 PM

    They are still in business. Tried it with me today. I managed to escape as they thought i was going to the bank to draw money. They were going to get R10000 from me. They are really good. They had me falling for it for quite a while. Until the final phase of the plan. The numbers they used to contact me are.0723824311, 0799310517, 0744689580, 0840940175 beware!!!

  • Player of note 6 Jul 2013, 03:15 PM

    These guys are smart, very smart! U give them ur cash willingly, they dn't force u. Life is a dog eat dog situation. If u don't win u lose. I was in the game for 10 years. It's almost impossible 2 catch them. Not all of u have mny but those who have get outsmarted. It's all in the human mind. How smart u are. Mugabe did a gud job by educating his people that's why he's got the smartest criminals. Not south africans who can kill a woman 4 her vagina! Zims ask & delive! What do u expect if u give money 2 a stranger? Zimbabwean bosh players take years going 2 school, the way they play u takes a long time to master & do it properly. Stay safe, don't give money 2 strangers. Oh, dn't try playing this game, it's dangerous! Advice 4 those who want 2 join the a team. Get the best training possible & ask jacob zuma 2 improve the starndard of ur education system. Gud luck

  • Roland3 9 May 2013, 06:20 PM

    Hi Guys I have been contacted by the same GEORGE MOYO. I have his details and am about to set up a meeting with him. Does anyone want to particpate or get the SAPS involved so that we can apprehend this idiot ?

  • Septs 21 Apr 2013, 10:23 PM

    Anyone knows whether these stones are valuable or not

  • Septs 21 Apr 2013, 10:11 PM

    Watch out for 3 Nigerians, 2 male and female by names of Cane, David and Candy who are are Con Artists and say they staying at Garden Courtand will use use the name of Mr Mkize for some bullshit story. They will take u to a buyer called Mrs Reddy in Durban North and weights and quote u a price for stones which was the first time I have seen and heard of. We then paid the money and they were gone with the stones and the money. Anyone knows whether

  • Septs 21 Apr 2013, 10:06 PM

    Watch out for 3 Nigerians, 2 male and female by names of Cane, David and Candy who are are Con Artists and say they staying at Garden Courtand will use use the name of Mr Mkize for some bullshit story. They will take u to a buyer called Mrs Reddy in Durban North and weights and quote u a price for stones which was the first time I have seen and heard of. We then paid the money and they were gone with the stones and the money. Anyone knows whether these stone are valuable or not

  • Vishnu 17 Apr 2013, 07:48 PM

    Wow. Had a similar experience today. A Zimbabwean gentlemen (Tobias Sibanda) asked for me to assist him in concluding a deal. His seller was from Zambia, with leather goods and sapphires. The Zambian guy went by the name of Ibhramin. The buyer was is an elderly white gentlemen, Ashley Williams (that appeared to be a genuine guy) that said he has his offices in Killarney mall. Buyer, Ashley Williams, made an offer for the Sapphires. The seller wanted a cash deposit before releasing the stones to the buyer. I thanked the seller for the coffee and left. Simple rule, NEVER PAY A DEPOSIT. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!! Walked away, thus can never confirm if the buyer, Ashley Williams was real or not. Be safe guys, when someone asks you for deposit, its a sign for trouble. Sorry to all that lost money, I truly feel your pain. Ignore comments that you were greedy. We all strive to work hard, and if a golden opportunity landed on any persons lap, they would pursue it.

  • Themba9 22 Feb 2013, 09:19 AM

    Thank you for this information, it is of great help!! I was approached by Simon Dube this week and used a very credible friend of mine as a reference. I called my friend to verify and he told me he met the guy at Zambezi Lodge and as it turns out this is the same guy reported by Goerge on 06 February 2013. Here's a brief discussion I took down when they met with me. Simon Dube 00263 772 888 406 071 743 7523 Guest lodge Zambezi Victoria falls Victoria Zambezi Lodge Simon Dube George Watson Kenneth & Luna Kasongo Kasongo Trading based in Zambia Ashley Williams (buyer) 0765893756 in Sandton Mandela Square, Greenstone, Williams and sons Antweb in Belgium R1900 per sapphire R2000 per carat on tanzanite R1600 per carat on rubies

  • George16 6 Feb 2013, 05:04 PM


  • Username2370 13 Aug 2012, 02:07 PM

    My Husband and I was scamed on 10 August2012. It happend in Centurion at Mac Donalds. There were three of them the one name was George Moyo the man who did all the talking, and the seller Adam and the Jeweler named Mark Counen. We have a fencing business and they offered us a huge contract. George Moyo even gave us hie e mail address moyoisgdorat@gmail.com and his sel number is 0785573874 They trade under the name Zamboz Tradiwa

  • Yolandi2 21 Mar 2012, 02:00 PM

    We were caught for R4000 and a phone today, after the long wait and chase to meet the 'buyer, I called continuousely to be told that the game is over! I feel sick to my stomach that people can be so heartless. Karma will come back to them!!!

  • Suna 14 Dec 2011, 04:29 PM

    These guys took me for 10000 today they very smart in rosebank you will never think they are con artist!!

  • Robert Gabriel Mugabe 18 Oct 2011, 10:46 AM

    They conned me of 2.3 million the money l looted in ma country l dont blame them coz l gave ma money willingly coz l wanted 2 b fucken rich so u puses dont bother ths smart guyz

  • Curious 29 Jun 2011, 08:14 PM

    Hmm so you were ripped off for being greedy and the prospect of making a quick buck...

  • Kaity Els 31 May 2011, 09:37 PM

    My boyfreind and I are from Klerksdorp and got a phone call 16:30 yesterday afternoon 30 May 2011 requeasting us to meet them ( Black guy - "Brian Phiri") as they have a " very big project" in construction and they got my boyfreinds number from a hardware shop in town. Today 31 May 2011 we were lucky enough to have realized deep into the deal... after having 30k drawn from Mandela Square on us, that something was fishy. The same 3 guys "Brian Phiri" was the "partner", "Raymond Moyo" was the seller and " Ashley - the white guy" was the buyer. Still have a small notepad with fingerprints of "Brian Phiri" on it he accedentily left it in our car.

  • Jacques Le Roux 6 May 2011, 10:44 PM

    Me and my friend was scamed by them today 6 May 2011 , we lost R10000 and two phones. They used names albert , mr williams the jew and adam . It hapend in Centurion mcdonalds , woodmead and santon .

  • Tazanite Scam Buster 22 Apr 2011, 11:48 AM

    The suspects you described 3 were caught and arrested,the others are on the run, PLEASE contact Captain Mbotho URGENTLY on 082 319 9674 at the Cleveland police station. They us names like Amos, Steven, Themba, Ashley, Roger

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