Puppy sale and transport fraud

I was buying a Airedale Terrier puppy from a woman called Michelle Van Zyl, she sent ID's and arranged the transport of the dogs.
I had to pay her R2500 for the puppy and R600 for the transport.
Within 2 hours a transport company phoned and said all was arranged, yet the crate in which the puppy is transported is not suitable for flight transport. So I had to hire a crate of R7050 of which the R7000 was refundable after delivery, all details and whole story was explained in a very professional email.
Yet after a few hours the transport company phoned again and said everything is arranged, puppy will be delivered at 19:15 tonight. Unfortunatley a Pet insurance and vacancies is required, and lucky me, I only have to pay R12500 and all is refundable.
This didnt make sense to me and I started googling on the name Animal movers, and yes I only found scam mails warning etc.
Lucky me, I didnt pay the R12500, yet already paid the other money.
I phoned the Anima movers company and said the bank cant release the R12500 so I want a refund and will arrange with the dog owner to pick up the dog this weekend.
Also the bank is busy with a payment reversal.
MY faith is big in that God is on the righteous peoples side and that I will receive my money back.

I wish we can let everybody know on time when a scam is on the way.

Please dont buy a dog or anything you physically have in your hand.

Report ID: 19732
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Northern Cape
City/Town: Upington
Address: Animal movers
Crime Date/Time: 13 Sep 2017, 15:09 PM
Reported By: sander
Reported Date: 13 Sep 2017, 15:09 PM
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